Where to Buy Muskie Fishing Lures

Cottage Ontario

Need Muskie Fishing Lures??
The options are endless!

Big Fork Lures www.bigforklures.com
Founded in 1989, BIG FORK LURES emphasizes superior product design and quality control to produce the finest, most highly detailed wood lures on the market today. We pride ourselves in pleasing the majority of fishermen who appreciate the functional beauty over the majority who prefer the mass-produced, economical functionality.

Cat’s Tails Tackle www.catstaillures.com
Our very first lure was made and used in 1994. Our idea was to come up with something quite different, Cat’s Tails Lures are “Not Just Another Bucktail”. After many prototypes were made and tested, we found what we were looking for in a high quality fish-catching, bucktail.

Fudally Tackle www.fudallytackle.com
Fudally lures are made in the USA of only the best materials available. They were developed by Tom Fudally, well known for his tournament success and for his record of trophy fish over the years. The staff of field testers include some of the best fishermen in the nation. Since development of his Muskie spinnerbait years ago, Fudally has led the field in new, innovative fishing lures.

HI-FIN Musky Tackle Company www.hi-fin.com
HI-FIN Musky Tackle Company has long been a leader in both quality of workmanship and innovative design in musky fishing tackle. Every one of our musky baits is hand crafted, painted and inspected to meet the highest standards of today’s musky fisherman.

Musky Buster Lures www.muskybuster.com
Musky Buster lures are designed by some of the best fishing guides in Northern Wisconsin, offering excellent quality top water lures, bucktails, and surface baits to produce results in a variety of conditions. Musky Buster Lures are tools designed to catch muskies…plain and simple!

Innovative Sport Group www.isgfishing.com
Innovative Sport Group (ISG) is fast becoming recognized as a leader in the fishing industry of innovative, high quality tackle products. Each product we manufacture has been designed by serious anglers and extensively field tested throughout the country, before becoming generally available to the angling public. This way we know they work!! Every product carries a money-back guarantee, if for some reason the angler is not happy with it.

Jacks Jigs www.jacksjigsfishinglures.com
Jacks Jigs in Boulder Junction, WI. Complete line of jigs and plastics for panfish, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleyes, pike and muskies. Avaliable through online ordering! Great products!

Musky Innovations www.muskyinnovations.com
Musky Innovations LLC started manufacturing musky lures in 1993. Although these lures started out as musky baits, they have expanded into other applications and are now being used world wide for northern pike, stripe bass, largemouth bass, muskies and many other large gamefish. These lures have been responsible for numerous monster muskies and other large gamefish taken from some very challenging waters.

Musky Magic Tackle www.muskymagictackle.com
Musky Magic Tackle products came to the musky world in 1998. These products have been designed and tested in the heart of musky country, Vilas County, Wisconsin. Over the last few years, these baits have been proven successful to musky folks across North America. We welcome you to search our website and discover what Musky Magic Tackle has to offer.

RiverRun Tackle www.riverruntackle.com
Home of the new “Manta” glide bait along with a quality line of crankbaits and surface baits. Using the latest designing technology, Paul Peck has been applying his extensive manufacturing and design expertise to create RiverRun Tackle Company’s next generation of products. With our new, computerized manufacturing and molding facility, you will continue to be able to expect superb consistency and performance from every new lure, giving each a permanent place in your fishing arsenal.

Skimmer Tackle Company www.skimmertackle.com
The SKIMMER bucktail was designed, created, and perfected on the Chippewa Flowage and came into existence in 1972. The SKIMMER is a perfected muskie bucktail that is suitable for flowages, darker water, or weedy lakes.

Slammer Tackle www.slammertackle.com
All Slammer Crankbaits feature: Thru-wire construction for superior strength, Tangle-free super sharp hooks. Unbreakable diving lip “Super-tough epoxy finish. Six, fish-catching colors to match any weather or water condition. Individually tuned to Slammers’ strike-producing action. Computer-designed body style for maximum performance. Laser-cut body shape to insure consistency.

Smity Bait Company www.smitybait.com
Russ Smith caught his first muskie on a handmade lure in 1955 at the age of 13. Liking the idea of catching fish on a lure of his own, Russ continued to make lures for himself and later friends. As it became apparent that the “Smity” was a proven muskie producer, local sport shops, gas stations and taverns began to ask for baits, and soon Russ was doing more than just making enough lures to pay for gas and food on his fishing trips.

Smoker Tackle www.smokertackle.com
Smoker Tackle came about as an effort to spread the excitement and fever surrounding the sport of musky fishing. Little did we expect to start catching other game fish. “Magic” is the best word available that describes the performance of our lures, which has been nothing short of phenomenal. Day after day, we are hearing first hand testimony from extremely satisfied customers that can’t seem to keep the fish off of these baits (some have even coined these baits the “one-minute-wonders”).

Super Slayer Tackle www.superslayer.com
Slowie Baits are made in the USA of only the finest quality materials available. They were developed by Joe Pestka and family, Joe is well known professional guide in Northern Wisconsin that wanted to have a bait to offer his customers that would catch fish. Joe and his family are dedicated to producing the highest quality baits available that will produce results in any condition.

Wishmaster Big Baits www.wishmasterbigbaits.com
Wishmaster Big Baits is the name you’ll find behind every handcrafted exquisite cedar big bait sold by this independently owned Canadian company, established in 1998, by the artist, Rolf Balansiak. Only 100 Wishmaster Big Baits are handcrafted, numbered, dated and sold each year. Making every Wishmaster a collector’s prize that is sure to be a conversation piece, whether it hangs on your wall or catches the big fish you’ve been searching for all these years.

Radtke’s Pike Minnow www.radtkespikeminnow.com
The Radtke’s Pike Minnow is a one of a kind lure that actually has two actions in one. Not only does it swim left and right, but it also has a slight rolling action which causes the lip to reflect light into the water. This unique combination of actions make the Radtke’s Pike Minnow a one of a kind lure that works well in freshwater and saltwater alike.

SW Lures www.swlures.com
If the test of a product’s success is the length of time it has been on the market, the Swim Whizz is highly successful. Its story began in 1957 on the shores of Lake St. Claire. Developed by Homer Le Blanc it remains to this day a supreme example of “Muskies’ enemy number 1”.

Odyssey Lures www.odysseylures.com
Started in 1995, Odyssey Lures, Inc. began with one thought… build the best lure possible for you the angler. With that mindset, the Pig was brought into the market.

Grunt Muskie Lures www.gruntmuskielures.com
Our muskie and Northern pike lures are custom made of the finest hardwood money can buy. These big lures are like gum drops to both big muskies and big Northern pike. These lures work great for Northern pike, muskies, and tiger muskies. Big muskie and Northern pike lures have proven themselves from the lower midwest to Minnesota to the top of Ontario Canada and into Manitoba!

SledgeHammer Lure Company www.sledgehammerlure.com
Sledgebaits available in 6 inch and 9 inch sizes “Weighted and unweighted.

MRG Custom Painted Baits www.mrgmuskies.com
MRG Custom Painted Baits “is committed to providing our customers premium bait painting services at a reasonable cost. In addition to lure painting, MRG also offers leaders, apparel, premium custom rods, and is an authorized dealer for Dunwright products.

Hooker Tackle www.hookertackle.com
At Hooker Tackle, we produce some of the best lures available today for trophy fish of many species, both fresh and saltwater. Confidence will never be an issue when you attach a Hooker Tackle product to your line. We use only the best components available in the construction of our products. Many trophy-class muskies between 35 and 45 pounds were caught on Hooker Baits this past season alone.

Grim Reaper Lures www.grimreaperlures.com
We created GRIM REAPER LURES, INC. in order to meet our own exacting standards in pike, bass and musky lures. Because we are serious anglers for these toothy predators ourselves, we know what it takes to attract, hook and land them consistently. When any cast you make might produce the fish of a lifetime, you can’t gamble on tackle that is anything less than the best. That’s what you’re getting with every GRIM REAPER you purchase.

Bettencourt Baits www.bettencourtbaits.com
You look around, you’ll notice these lures are unique in both design and function. I strive to create lures with triggering characteristics not found in other lures. I have a background in both fly tying and lure building. I’m able to “tie” (pardon the pun) both art forms together.“Each lure is built one at a time by hand. I use only the finest components available. Custom paint jobs are also available, or If you have a lure design you would like built, just shoot me a email.

H2O Tackle www.h2otackle.com
We strive to make high quality baits packed with a lot of different action. These wooden baits are sealed and primed before they are painted. All components are high quality, such as extra strong split rings and VMC or Eagle Claw 774 hooks. The baits are finished with multiple coats of epoxy that is tough enough to be used on floors.

Meat and Potatoes Tackle Company www.meatandpotatoes.net
Every single lure we sell is our own proven design. Some are patent-pending. All have caught a whole lot of fish and many trophy class fish as well. We are much more about enjoying life on the water than making money selling “commercial” lures that anyone can buy by the gross and put their company name on them.

Bait Rigs Tackle Co. www.baitrigs.com
Innovation and quality have always been the hallmark of Bait Rigs products. ““Specializing in jigs, rigs and spoons these products are preferred by discriminating anglers everywhere. ““Joe and Tony are proud to be involved in the fishing industry and welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge and products with you.
Mepps www.mepps.com Every fisherman has a Mepps story to tell, and anglers from all across the nation send photos of their Mepps catches to Sheldons’.

Hawg Seekers Tackle Co. www.hawgseekers.com
Each Hawg Seeker is carefully handcrafted to ensure a quality product. Woods are selected for uniformity to minimize variances common with wood baits. Each bait is custom hand-painted, then tipped with the world’s strongest VMC® treble hooks on heavy-duty zinc-plated steel split rings.

DeLong Lures www.delonglures.com
All DeLong Lures are made here in the USA. Our extensive line features handmade, scented, soft-plastic pre-rigged lures. DeLong is most well known for its Bass lures, but our Panfish and “Musky/Pike lines are second to none.“We are also home to the famous DeLong “Snake”, a 16″ worm that has been featured in many national magazines. “Why has our company been in business for over 57 years? Because the people using DeLong Lures are catching more and bigger fish than ever before.

ACE Baits www.acebaitsusa.com
Hailing from the UK, Ace Baits have been putting the hurt on Big European Pike for years, it’s time for the Pike and Musky hunters here in the states to see what the big deal is all about! The Original Ace Flipper baits fueled the interest and growth of lure fishing in the UK over the last decade, and have been on the leading edge of bait design and construction.

Musky Mania Tackle www.muskymania.com
Musky Mania – manufacturer of The Burt jerkbait and a large assortment of crankbaits, deep divers, surface lures, bucktails and crankbaits – Designed by legendary musky fisherman Pete Maina

ESOX Research Company www.esoxresearch.com
Esox Research Company (ERC) is not just another lure company. Our goal at ERC is to assist fellow fishermen reach “the next level”. Recognizing the importance of knowledge and developing a mental attitude that is inquisitive in nature is essential.

Drifter Tackle www.driftertackle.com
We produce the famous Believer, Stalker, and Super Stalker fishing lures. Fishing tackle for the serious angler!

Muskie Metal Lures www.muskiemetal.com
Flexible Predator Bucktails.

Lakeshore Lure Co. www.lakeshorelureco.com
Home of the EZ-E Glider soft plastic glide bait and EZ-E Riser dive and rise hardwood jerk bait.“EZ-E Does It!

Strike Pro Lures strikeproamerica.com
STRIKE PRO AMERICA is a lure manufacturer and importer located in Galveston, Texas. we have teamed up with Strike Pro for further research and development in the United States and have the capability to produce any type of bait product design. Our focus has been saltwater products in the past but, with our expansion we plan to develop the Freshwater market here at home.

Red October Baits www.redoctoberbaits.com
Handcrafted Monster Tubes.

Big Wood Musky Lures, LLC www.bigwoodmuskylures.com
Online Musky shop with a growing selection of quality and custom fishing lures for Musky and Northern Pike. Great customer service, secure online ordering and fast shipping. “Where quality fishing lures are sold for less.”

Dadson Blade Baits Musky Bucktails www.dadsonbladebaits.com
Dadson Blade Baits are custom handmade Musky Bucktails made by Georgian Bay Musky Guide Johnny Dadson. Dadson Blade Baits are the finest bucktails for Musky that you will find anywhere. They are available in a variety of custom colours and sizes ranging from the Double 8 Colorado blade Slider to the Double 12 blade Kijil. Welcome to the Next Generation of Musky Bucktails…Come fish at the Next Level.

Muskie Lure Components www.lureparts.com
Everything you need to build your own Muskie Baits! We stock the largest inventory of lure parts in America.

Wherever your muskies are in Ontario, we have the BEST spots for you!

Thanks to Ben Beattie – Lac Seul Fishing Guide for the photos on this page!